When will the trail be connected to Fort Collins?

A new section of trail through River Bluffs Open Space has recently been completed by Larimer County. Now Larimer County is working on constructing a 1.2 mile section to the north in an effort to connect the trail to Fort Collins to create a true regional trail!

The construction of the remaining six miles will come in phases. The City of Fort Collins will begin construction on extending the Poudre Trail east and south from Colorado State University's Environmental Learning Center when the gravel mining operation is completed. Fort Collins and Larimer County are working together to construct an I-25 underpass. The Town of Timnath will construct the trail from I-25, around the reservoir north of the Walmart in Timnath and continue the trail along the bank of the river to Harmony Road. These sections are scheduled for construction between 2012-2014. The trail is envisioned to be complete as early as 2015, based on the willingness of landowners and availability of funding.

The City of Fort Collins Poudre Trail project costs alone will total nearly $2,000,000. This speaks to the time and dedication it takes to complete these projects.

How is the trail funded?

The trail has been funded through monies raised from individual contributions, in-kind donations, and matching grants. An agreement between the Town of Windsor, Weld County, and the City of Greeley allows for funds to maintain the trail. This intergovernmental agreement is a reflection of the community teamwork that it took to complete the trail. Check the News and Events page for upcoming fundraising events or donate to the cause through our Donations page.

What are the benefits of the Poudre River Trail?

The greatest impact of this trail is preserving the natural resources for the future generations living in these communities. The resources located along the Cache la Poudre River are unique to the area and will be lost forever if not protected. We are helping to preserve a local treasure and provide the opportunity for community members to enjoy this resource.

Other benefits of the trail include:

  • Recreational Opportunities
  • Educational Benefits
  • Increased Land Values
  • Preservation of habitat for wildlife
  • Protecting the environment

How is the Poudre River Trail being maintained?

An intergovernmental agreement between the Town of Windsor, Weld County, and the City of Greeley provides funding for general maintenance on the trail. A portion of the monies raised for the development of the trail has been set aside in an endowment to help fund perpetual maintenance of the trail. This fund will assist with capital replacement needs to ensure that the trail will continue to be a positive reflection upon the donors and the community.

Volunteers play a vital part in keeping the trail in proper form. Without the assistance of dedicated volunteers, the trail would be almost impossible to maintain.

How did the Poudre Trail get started?

Since the 1970s, residents of Greeley, Windsor, and Weld County have expressed interest in the idea of a trail along the Cache la Poudre River. In the late 1980s Greeley's City Council established the Poudre River Trail as a goal and in 1991 the Greenway Commission was formed. In 1995, a trail master plan was adopted, which then led to the founding of the non-profit organization, Poudre River Trail Corridor, Inc. PRTC, Inc. is comprised of a group of volunteers and staff from the member governments dedicated to the trail.