2016 Moonlight Ride flyer

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Join us on our Full Moon Ride on Thursday, August 18, 2016 !!

The ride starts at the Signature Bluffs Natural Area Trailhead, which is located on N 71st Avenue in West Greeley (the Red Barn). The route will be from the Red Barn to the River Bluffs Trailhead to the west of Windsor, then back again, about 26 miles round trip.

Riders are to assemble at 8:00pm and the ride will start at 8:30pm.

A bike helmet and adequate bike lights are required.

All riders must sign the liability waiver.

People under 18 are welcome, but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (parent/guardian will sign waiver form).

This is the only time when the Poudre River Trail is open after dark.


The Poudre River Trail has several community events throughout the year to encourage people to experience the trail. This Spring the trail held the 3rd Trail-athlon and in September we will hold the 3nd Annual Poudre River Trail Challenge.

Here are some photos from past events.

The Poudre River Trail-Athlon

The Poudre Trail-athlon is a 'Triathlon with a twist'. Participants take part in as many of the 9 event stations as they like in a self-paced morning of fun. From activities that will get the heart pumping such as the bike ride and fun run, to more relaxed activities like bird watching and chalk art, there is something for everyone!

Participants who complete at least 3 events receive a goodie bag and an event t-shirt! Along with that refreshments, entertainment and some games of chance are available to everyone who comes! Best of all - IT'S FREE!! 

Photos from the 2014 Poudre River Trail-athlon

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  • IMG_0010.jpg
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  • IMG_0020.jpg
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  • IMG_0029.jpg
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  • IMG_8877.jpg

The Poudre River Trail Challenge

The Challenge Event has two parts - Pack the Trail and Challenge the Trail: You can participate in one or both, but everyone shoud get involved in this super fun and hilarious event. Pack the Trail involves beginning at Island Grove Park and travelling out on the trail in any appropriate form of travel. Costumes and unique forms of travel are encouraged! Prizes are awarded! Help us set a record every year for the most number of people on the Trail in one hours' time.

For the more adventurous types, the Challenge the Trail portion provides a fun obstacle course with all sorts of unique challenges along the way. Of course there is a mud pit involved that provides a fun challenge for the runners and an entertaining spectacle for the viewers. Back at Island Grove, entertainment and food are provided for the participants with beverages available for purchase. Each year we will build on the success by having vendors, games, and even more fun! This annual event is held in September to wrap up the Summer season for the trail.

Photos from the 2013 Poudre River Challenge

  • 2013a-challenge-00.jpg
  • 2013a-challenge-01.jpg
  • 2013a-challenge-02.jpg
  • 2013a-challenge-03.jpg
  • 2013a-challenge-04.jpg
  • 2013a-challenge-05.jpg
  • 2013a-challenge-06.jpg
  • 2013a-challenge-07.jpg
  • 2013a-challenge-08.jpg
  • 2013a-challenge-09.jpg
  • 2013a-challenge-10.jpg
  • 2013a-challenge-12.jpg
  • 2013a-challenge-18.jpg
  • 2013b-challenge-00.jpg
  • 2013b-challenge-01.jpg
  • 2013b-challenge-02.jpg
  • 2013b-challenge-03.jpg
  • 2013b-challenge-04.jpg
  • 2013b-challenge-05.jpg
  • 2013b-challenge-06.jpg
  • 2013b-challenge-07.jpg
  • 2013b-challenge-08.jpg
  • 2013b-challenge-09.jpg
  • 2013b-challenge-10.jpg