Monthly TRAIL CONDITION Report – April 2020

Entire Trail is open – The section between the Dog Park and 35th Ave. has reopened.  The entire trail is now open.  In the event of an unexpected closure, signage will be placed before and after to notify trail users.  For your safety, do not go around signs and barricades. *see possible April closure below.

COVID 19 – The Poudre Trail is a place where people can continue to be physically active and find respite while practicing social distancing.

  • Keep a distance of 6 feet between yourself and others.
  • Do not touch public surfaces, such as benches or water fountains, unless necessary.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after outdoor recreation and after touching any public surfaces.
  • “Porta Potty” restrooms do not have running water.  Trail users are encouraged to bring disinfectant wipes or other supplies they deem appropriate. 
  • If you are sick you should stay home.

Peak use – With an increase in trail usage during this period of social distancing, the following is offered for consideration.

  • Generally, there are fewer users in the morning and use increases through the afternoon with peak use between 4 and 7 pm.
  • Parking at some trailheads may be tight. Consider connecting trails or alternative parking areas.  Both Greeley and Windsor have trail maps on their websites that show trail connections, bike lanes, parking etc.  Please don’t park along roadsides or areas not designated for parking.
  • Dog walkers might consider bringing their own waste bags as we have seen increased usage at doggie stations.  And please don’t leave your bag along the Trail.  Pack out waste. 
  • Bikers, please slow down when coming up on walkers.  We are seeing an increase in first time trail users - - - Kiddos with new bikes, families with strollers, new dog walkers, and other first time trail users.  Please be patient and slow down when passing!
  • Don’t forget - - - - a smile and wave travel over six feet.    

Come Prepared – Plan ahead.  We suggest layering to include rain gear.  Many sections of the trail are remote and away from roadways.  Only venture in as far as you can venture back. 

Dirt road crossing – Approximately 1 mile west of Eastman Park in Windsor the trail crosses a dirt access road.  This road can be muddy or have deep ruts.  Please cross with caution.  Dismounting is recommended.

Highway 257 crossing - Use caution at all road crossings, be especially alert at this high-speed highway.  Assume cars will not stop.  Do not let the crossing lights give you a false sense of security.

*Next Priority Repair - Between the Kodak Bridge and 95th Ave., there is a short detour around a flood-damaged section.  The detour may be soft and muddy.  Please use caution.  Dismounting is recommended.  If the “stars align,” such as weather, funding, etc. this section may be closed for repair in April. 

Manners Count

  • Stay to the right and never use more than half the trail
  • Use caution approaching others with a friendly greeting or bell
  • Yield: faster to slower
  • Be respectful of others regardless of activity, speed or skill level
  • Your dog is welcome on the trail with lead attached (pack out waste)
  • Leave no trace: pack out what you take in.

If you require Emergency Help, call 911 and report the issue along with the information on the nearest trail marker. This will help emergency responders locate you.

For non-emergency situations or if you see something on the trail that needs attention, call or e-mail the trail office at 970-336-4044;, and leave a message with the information.  It is helpful if you provide your contact information, should the Trail Manager need clarification.