Monthly TRAIL CONDITIONS report – APRIL 2019...

“We do not inherit the earth from or ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” Native American proverb

Come Prepared – Plan ahead. We suggest layering to include rain gear. Many sections of the trail are remote and away from roadways. Only venture in as far as you can venture back.

Entire Trail is open – No trail closures are scheduled in April. If an unexpected closure is needed, signage will be placed before and after to notify trail users. Please do not go around signs and barricades.   

East of the Kodak Bridge, at mile marker W-8.75, there is a detour where trail users will leave the concrete path for a very short distance, detouring around a flood damaged section. The detour may be soft and muddy. Please use caution. Dismounting is recommended.

Highway 257 crossing. Use caution at all road crossings, with high alert at this high-speed highway. Assume cars will not stop. Do not let the crossing lights give you a false sense of security.

Ecosystem restoration at Signature Bluffs - Construction work continues at the Signature Bluffs Natural Area. This is the natural area north of the Signature Bluffs Trailhead (Red Barn at 71st Ave). The trailhead and the Poudre Trail will remain open. However, trucks and construction equipment will be crossing the trail. Trail users should watch for debris on the trail and pay attention to signage.

River restoration project at River Bluffs (north of highway 392) – Larimer County is restoring a stretch of the Cache la Poudre River at River Bluffs Open Space. No trail closures are anticipated. The trailhead at River Bluffs Open Space connects to 21 beautiful miles of trail running southeast through wildlife areas and parks.

Mowing - Mowers will yield to pedestrians and bicyclists, but please allow time for the operator to see you first and shut down the spinning blades before passing mowing equipment. Natural areas are managed to maintain and strengthen non-irrigated native grass species. This practice is different from neighborhood park settings.  

Wildlife -   This is mating season for many wildlife species including raptors, coyotes and others. Be aware that these animals may exhibit more aggressiveness as they are either establishing territories or defending nesting/denning sites and young. If you encounter wildlife, leave them alone. More information on wildlife encounters.

If you require Emergency Help, call 911 and report the issue along with the information on the nearest trail marker. This will help emergency responders locate you.

More information on Poudre Trail locator system

For non-emergency situations or if you see something on the trail that needs attention, call or e-mail the trail office at 970-336-4044;, and leave a message with the information. It is also helpful if you would leave your contact information, should the Trail Manager need clarification.