Monthly TRAIL CONDITIONS report – February 2019 ... only 47 days until spring

Winter conditions - be prepared for cold, icy trail conditions.  Use caution. 

Temporary detour possible.  Several construction projects are planned that may impact the Trail between WCR 17 and WCR 13.  During the construction, a detour will be available. The detour may be soft and muddy.  Please use caution. 

The area east of the Kodak Bridge, at mile marker W-8.75, there is a detour where trail users will leave the concrete path for a very short distance, detouring around a flood-damaged section.  The temporary detour may be soft and muddy.  Please use caution.  Dismounting is recommended. 

Highway 257 crossing. Trail users are reminded that caution should be used at all road crossings, with high alert at this high-speed highway. 

Ecosystem Restoration - Construction work continues at the Signature Bluffs Natural Area.  This is an area north of the Signature Bluffs Trailhead (Red Barn at 71st Ave).  The Trailhead and the Poudre Trail will remain open.  However, trucks and other equipment will be crossing the trail.  Trail users should watch for debris on the trail and pay attention to signage. 

Trail Closed at mile marker 11.25, west of the narrows in Poudre River Ranch.  During the first two weeks of February, the City of Greeley will be dredging a detention pond on the north side of the trail.  A detour will be available to go around this site. 

For non-emergency situations or if you see something on the trail that needs attention, call or e-mail the trail office at 970-336-4044;, and leave a message with the information.  It is also helpful if you would leave your contact information should the Trail Manager need clarification.