Trailhead: Kodak Watchable Wildlife Trailhead.

Description: This part of the Poudre River Trail stays within view of the river for most of the way. It is level and provides spectacular views of the mountains when travelling west on the trail. You will also skirt the edges of corn fields and see the industrial facilities of Kodak, Carestream, Front Range Energy and Vestas industrial facilities to the North. You can also get wonderful views of the Bluffs to the South. On the eastern end of this section, the trail crosses the Poudre River on a 100 foot long bridge that also provides pretty views of the flowing river. Features: This section is adjacent to the Kodak Watchable Wildife Area which abounds with wildlife including deer, coyotes, squirrels and bull snakes. Many species of birds including great blue herons, king fishers, hawks, owls and turkeys along with a variety of ducks and song birds can be readily observed.  



Geology: The bluffs to the south of the trail offer a great snapshop of geologic time. A great shallow ocean once stretched across the interior of North America. Great amounts of sand and mud were deposited in the ocean, eventually filling it. Gradually the sand and mud were compacted and cemented into layers of sandstone and shale, which can be seen in the bluffs where the river has eroded down into the top of these ancient marine layers. They now illustrate the erosional surface that has been caused as the river has cut down deeper into its valley.

History: Located on the bluffs above the trail, is Missile Silo Park, the former site of an intercontinental ballistic missile, prominent during the Cold War era. The site is now a public park with camping and picnicking areas. This area also housed a Prisoner of War Camp during WWII. Read more about the Bluffs area