Signature Bluffs

TrailheadsPoudre Learning Center Trailhead or Signature Bluffs Natural Area Trailhead.

Description: Heading east from the Poudre Learning Center the Trail takes a sharp turn to the North after crossing 83rd Avenue before turning East again. Soon it narrows a bit as it traverses between the bottom of the Signature Bluffs and the Poudre River. After the bluffs, it crosses a bridge and continues towards the Signature Bluffs Natural Area. This is an exceptionally pretty section of the trail, but often flooded in early summer.

Features: The Signature Bluffs Natural Area, noticable by its red barn, has a pond for fishing. It is also an excellent place to see wildlife. This trailhead is midway along the trail and an excellent place to head either East or West on the trail.



Warning: The area along the sandstone cliffs has poison ivy on both sides of the trail . This is the only section that nature requires the trail to be narrower than 10 feet wide. Travel in single file through “the narrows” and use caution as rock fall commonly occurs through this section.

History: The Greeley Canal #3, called the #3 Ditch, has its head gate here. This ditch travels southeasterly all the way through Greeley and was the original ditch that irrigated the farms of the Union Colony (Greeley).