If you wander down the Poudre River Trail, chances are you will see attractive granite markers with an alpha-numeric code carved into each one. There is a marker located every 1/4 mile along the trail.

What do the Letters mean?

The letters on the markers can be:

  • “PT” for Poudre Trail
  • “W” for Weld County or
  • “L” for Larimer County

Following the letters is a number that indicates the distance from where the trail crossed the County Line between Weld and Larimer Counties. The County line runs along Weld County Road 13, which runs north-south 2.5 miles East of Interstate 25.

For example, if you come across a marker that reads “W-3.0”, that means that you are 3 miles along the trail from the County line. The numbers for Weld County are greater as you travel easterly along the trail.

If you require Emergency Help, call 911 and report the issue along with the information on the nearest trail marker. This will help emergency responders to locate you.